4 Downs: Giants-Colts takeaways

Something about a game on Fox gets the blood flowing. Here is what I picked up on in last night’s game between the New York Football Giants and the Indianapolis Colts.

1) Starting Running back is David Wilson’s to lose

The second year runner from Virginia Tech looked spry, showing excellent ballance, burst and change of direction. With his receiving skills, it will be hard to keep him off the field. If he can develop a nose for the endzone, Wilson can be a feature back. Wilson just have to avoid mistakes (*cough* fumbles *cough) and block well on passing downs.

2) Redzone scoring problems

The Giants had several drives deep into Colts’ territory, but came up empty handed on one (after going for it on 4th down) and with field goals the rest. Something happens when the field shrinks and Cruz isn’t there to take the top off a defense. Could be that New York is trying to keep it vanilla, but this is the second week in a row with this problem. This is something to watch for next week when they gameplan-it-up a bit.

3) Defensive pressure

The Defensive line looked like the giants of old (caveat: Indy had probably the worst offensive line in football last year). Perry Fewell showed a few new looks, including one with Justin Tuck playing OLB in a 3-4 look. The D-line caused pressure throughout the game and this pressure led to interceptions, near interceptions, and other miscues for the visiting team. Oh and they did this without JPP who is still coming back from back surgery.

4) Injury bugs?

Nicks looked a bit heavier and slower than I remember from last year. On some replays it looked like he was loafing a bit. Wonder if his leg injuries are catching up to him…

Victor Cruz left early after running an out route in the endzone and did not return. *Update: Cruz suffered a bruised heel*

David Baas had his leg rolled into and did not return either. The Giants oline had a bit of a shaky night at times after Bass went out.

Hopefully the injuries are not serious and Nicks was just taking it easy. Outside of Cruz (and a healthy Nicks), Eli does not have any proven threats to help the Giants make a return to the top of the NFC East.


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