4 downs: Takeaways from Eagles Patriots

If you watched the eagles take on the patriots last Friday, you got a glimpse at Chip Kelly’s new look Iggles. Here’s what I noticed


1. Vick is in the lead

Mike Vick looked pretty solid in his snaps against the Pats, connecting on a 50 yard strike to Desean Jackson
. He escaped his drives without any turnovers (something Foles was not fortunate enough to do). From the reports I have read, all signs point to Vick starting Monday night against the redskins.


2. Rough transition on Defense

On the patriots first drive, they ran the ball 6 times and marched their way down the field for an easy touchdown. The eagles new 3-4 was undisciplined, losing gap integrity and blowing tackles. This bears watching against the Panthers tonight. The Eagles spent this past week “simulating” tackling… Emphasis on the quotation marks.


3. Who’s opposite of DJax

The eagles have enough weapons to survive the lost of Maclin on paper, but who will step up? Will it be Avant? Ertz/Celek/Casey? No one stood out against New England. This bears watching in the coming weeks.

NFL: Preseason-Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots

4. Who’s behind Shady McCoy?

Bryce Brown was thought to have a strangle hold on the number two job at the beginning of the offseason. Well, Chris Polk is hot on his tail. Polk was one of my favorite running backs when he came out in the 2012 draft. If you watched him play, you would have been shocked like I was when Polk went undrafted. Well there have been numerous reports that Polk is pushing Brown in camp. Watch this closely as Chip Kelly’s offenses at Oregon featured running backs and the Eagles have a number of dynamic runners in the fold.


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