Donovan McNabb And The Hall of Fame

Throwback haha. Mr. Chunky Soup (nh) himself is retiring as an Eagle tomorrow. After a few years of throwing bounce passes with the Redskins and Vikings, not so sure Hall of Fame even comes into the discussion.


The Redskins Blog

One of the more amusing moments of today’s Donovan McNabb press conference — declared “the most ridiculous part” by Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog — came fairly late in the event. After a fairly serious question that prompted McNabb to emphasize just how much of a Redskin he is, a media member who failed to introduce himself offered up this question:

“There’s talk of you being a potential Hall of Famer. Your stats show that you’re at or about that right now. If you continue your success or have success here and perhaps finish your career here, would you consider going into the Hall of Fame as a Redskin?”

Response on Twitter was … underwhelmed, to say the least. So I caught up with the guy after the press conference to find out what, exactly, he was thinking.

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