Report: Maclin Carted Off, What’s next for the Eagles?

Could be the first major blow in the NFC East. Pro Football Talk, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and other media outlets are reporting Jeremy Maclin was carted off at practice today. Report is that he was unable to put weight on his left leg.

Should this be serious, this has to be a major blow to Chip Kelly’s new offense. Outside of the running backs, the top two wide outs may have been the one of the few bright spots on the Eagle’s offense. With questions at quarterback, any wide receiver problems may be magnified.

Chris Brown (no not that one) of and Grantland thinks that Kelly’s offense could end up looking more like the Patriots than the Oregon Ducks:

…among the major moves Kelly made was signing tight end James Casey in free agency and drafting Stanford tight end Zach Ertz, two movable chess pieces to go along with Philadelphia’s other multipurpose tight end, Brent Celek. These moves might be an indication that Kelly’s focus is shifting from the roster of speedy running backs and dual-threat quarterbacks he had at Oregon. Instead, Philadelphia may be looking to mesh the fleet-footed receivers already on its roster with a group of dynamic tight ends. As part of that group, Kelly is likely hoping Barkley can be an extremely accurate, intelligent, intangible-heavy quarterback who can efficiently operate his lightning-fast no huddle.

Indeed, if the moves Kelly has made over recent weeks are any indication, then I’m not so sure Chip Kelly is trying to bring Oregon to Philadelphia. Instead, he might be trying to bring New England.

If this is the case, it may lessen the blow should Maclin have a serious injury. But a 4-12 team with a new regime would probably appreciate any breaks they can get.

Here’s to a full and healthy recovery, JMac.

2:50 EST PM Update: Eagles fear an ACL tear.


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